Vibratory Sizers Screeners

Vibratory Sizers

Vibratory Sizers Screeners manufactured to exacting specifications. Rollier manufactures Sizers with up to 7 separations. The Vibratory Sizers can be equipped with linear or elliptical single or dual drives.

Rollier Vibratory Sizers are:

  • Robust
  • Simple design
  • Compact
  • Near Zero Maintenance
  • Easy screen mesh replacement
  • Low power consumption

Rollier Vibratory Sizers are available in 4 different versions.

MS Sizers – High performance, multi-screening equipment powered by ONE energy saving electric motor vibrator. The linear movement provides high capacity and extremely effective screening. High screening efficiency, low power (one vibrator), dust proof system (hermetic plastic covers), simple service and easy maintenance.

ME Sizers – High performance, multi-screening equipment powered by TWO energy saving electric motor vibrators. The linear movement provides high capacity and extremely effective screening. Applying the principal of statistical classification, the goal is to obtain the greatest probability of passage of the particles to be screened through the apertures of the meshes in the least possible time. This is achieved through the combination of different factors, such as the machine’s high acceleration rate, the angle of approach over the meshes, the gradients of these and the positioning of technical meshes.

MEL Sizer – Same as the ME sizer but with a longer screen deck.  The MEL is suitable for high capacity as well as small particle separation.

Bi-Flow Sizers  – The vibrating BIFLOW sizer is a five decks sizer in that the intermediate deck is unperforated. This allows it to behave as TWO sizers of two decks joined in one machine. This is the best solution to screen fine sands and saves space and conveyors. Usually, a vibratory Rollier RVB spreader is installed on the vibrating sizer BI-FLOW to get an homogeneous feed. The vibrating BI-FLOW sizer is very robust and compact. It can be equipped with all the accessories that are indicated in a standard sizer, from mesh cleaning shakers to mesh heating systems. 

Rollier can match existing competitor Sizer inlets and outlets, providing a low cost replacement when you want to replace a MOGENSEN * Sizer that was manufactured in Sweden or Spain. In addition, the vibratory motors we use are available from many different manufacturers. This means, you do not have to go back to the original manufacturer for a very high priced motor replacement. You are free to use many different and readily available economical vibratory motors.

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  • MOGENSEN is a registered word trademark of Fredrik Mogensen AB.  MOGENSEN does not sponsor or endorse Rollier or Separation Experts LLC, and is not related to Rollier or Separation Experts LLC in any way.