Vibrating Grates GRV

For material unloading with a loader or dumper.

Their purpose is to pre-screen large size material in gravel pits and quarries. They are normally fitted with a feeding hopper. Their low height facilitates feeding the hopper, which in traditional equipment with pre-screen guides requires greater feed volume and a very high load height. They are designed to be extremely robust and are adapted to the severe conditions of mining facilities.
These vibrating grates are ideal for places where high load heights are not possible or to save fuel by eliminating the need for high ramps to the loader that feeds the installation. The use of the vibrating grate avoids blinding between the bars and, therefore, increases safety and reduces maintenance.
Both the combs and the meshes or perforated plates are manufactured in carbon steel or with wear resistant wear plates.
As the GRV series vibrating grates are customised to the measurements of the client’s hopper there are no standard sizes. Several may be fitted to the same hopper if this is very large. Rollier’s design department will adapt the grate to the client’s needs down to the finest detail.