Dewatering Screener

Vibrating Dewatering Screens Series ESS

Rollier ESS Dewatering Screener

The fields of application of the ESS Series Dewatering Screens are:

  • Washed sand dewatering
  • Aggregates washing
  • Paper pulp dehydration
  • Treatment of biomethanation waste in USW plants


In addition, the robustness of the Vibrating Dewatering Screens Series ESS allows the functioning with vibrators up to 1500 rpm’s. Consequently, they are capable of a more energetic and powerful working. As a result, this is ideal to get strong dewatering.

Screening panels

Usually, the screening pannels of the Vibrating Dewatering Screens Series ESS are made in polyurethane, being able to be supplied in stainless steel.

Rollier has several formulas for the composition of the PU panels, with special capabilities for temperature, acidity, salt, and very high abrasiveness.

These are adjustable vibrating trays with a gradient used to drain damp materials using a mesh with a gauge of between 1.2 and 0.8 mm. The mesh can be polyurethane, stainless steel or special materials capable of withstanding acidity or corrosion.T

he fields of application of the ESS series Dewatering Screens go from washed sand draining to treatment of biomethanation waste in USW plants. The mesh is sloped upwards inside the tray, so that the material ascends the ramp formed by the mesh until it forms a block at the output. The motors are given more than sufficient power to achieve this task.

Their suspension can be silent blocks or springs and they are manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel The ESS series have side wear protection inserts in polyethylene, fitted simply with wedge locks.

Table of models available in the ESS series. 
Model Width (mm) Length (mm) Surface (m2)
ESS 60 180 600 1800 1,2
ESS 80 210 800 2100 1,8
ESS 100 240 1000 2400 2,5
ESS 120 270 1200 2700 3,4
ESS 150 300 1500 3000 4,5
ESS 180 300 1800 3000 6
ESS 200 350 2000 3500 7
ESS 200 400 2000 4000 8
ESS 250 400 2500 4000 10
ESS 250 500 2500 5000 12,5
ESS 280 600 2800 6000 16,8
ESS 300 650 3000 6500 19,5

We invite you to see a few videos of example in the following links:

Download the ESS Dewatering Screener Brochure