Ultrasonic Screens

Model                                                UL 0901                UL 1351
Screen Diameter [mm]                       900                     1350
Screening Surface [m²]                      0,64                      1,43
Motor Power [kW] 1,5 2,2
Weight [Kg]                                     750 – 950      900 – 1100
Height [cm]                                                    114                      118
Particle Feed Sizes [mm]                                      0 – 1
Feeding Capacity                                            Up to 1 ton/h
Mesh Openings                                               20µm – 1000µm
Structure Material                                   Stainless Steel or Mild Steel
Decks Available per Machine                           1 deck
Product Sort Variety                               2 different sized products
Mesh Hole Openers                                Ultrasonic Vibration System
Screen Movements                                 Eccentric, Radial and Tangent
Adjustable Amplitude [mm]                 5 – 40 Vertically & 60 – 80 Horizontally
Acceleration [g]                                                            1.3 – 1.8
Leakproof System                                   100% Dust Proof Sealed Closed Loop

Ultrasonic Technology in Sieving at a glance;

The ultrasonic generator generates high-frequency electrical oscillations in the 30 KHz – 38 KHz range which are converted by the ultrasonic converter into sinusoidal, mechanical longitudinal or transverse oscillations. These oscillations are transferred by the sound conductor to the mesh screen which is then forced to vibrate with the same frequency and amplitude as the sound conductor. The special type of generator excitation allows the sound conductor to align itself to the system. As the mesh screen on which the sieving material is placed is a poor sound conductor, the ultrasonic intensity on the mesh screen grows weaker as the distance to the sound conductor increases. The ultrasonic oscillations are additionally dampened by the sieving material on the screen. The shape and the size of the sound conductor can be selected to ensure even distribution of the ultrasonic oscillations across the screen. The entire surface of the screen becomes an active ultrasonic sieve in this way.

Sieving system consists of an ultrasonic converter (1) and a sound supply conductor (2) which is firmly connected to the rectangular screen sound conductor (3). The sound conductor is mechanically supported by the support members welded to the stainless steel ring frame (4/5). An insulated HF cable (6) provides the electrical connection from the generator (7) to the converter.

Sievex Ultrasonic Sieving 7a

1 – (1) Ultrasonic Converter

2 –  (1) Converter Waveguide

3 – (1) Screen Mesh Waveguide

4 – (1) Support Members

5 – (1) Ring Frame

6 –  (1) Insulated HF Cable

7 – (1) DGS Generator