Flip Flop Screener

Elastic Mesh Screens Series MFX


The Rollier Elastic Mesh, Flip Flop Screener Model MFX.

This screener utilizes a floating chassis with polyurethane screens that tighten and loosen, causing a trampoline effect. The movement is driven by two vibratory motors.

The MFX Flip Flop Screener is particularly useful in screening:

  • MSW – Municipal Solid Waste
  • CDW or C&D waste
  • Glass – removal from MRF input
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Compost – removal of oversized materials
  • And difficult to screen products

The MFX Flip Flop Screener, also known as a “Flip Flow Screener”,¬†operates on the principle of the trampoline effect. Challenging screening of wet or sticky materials are solved with this elastic mesh screener.

The dual vibratory motors provide a resonance, that moves the material in two methods. First is the tightening and loosening of the polyurethane mats. Second is conveyance of the material.

Due to the tightening and loosening of the screen mats, blinding or pegging does not occur. The high acceleration of the material makes separation of difficult materials possible.

Available in multi-deck models, and also with standard mesh combinations, perforated mesh and bar screens, the MFX Flip Flop screener is ideal for tough applications.

The screen mats are easily replaced, and require no fasteners.

The MFX Flip Flop screener can also be fitted with covers to make the screener dust tight if required.

Many different models, drive arrangements, and screening materials are available. Also called  Flip Flow or Flip-Flow screener by some.


Models available in the MFX series.

Model 1 Deck Model 2 Decks Width (mm) Length (mm)
MFXI 60 200 MFXII 60 200 600 2000
MFXI 86 230 MFXII 86 230 860 2300
MFXI 86 480 MFXII 86 480 860 4800
MFXI 122 297 MFXII 122 297 1220 2970
MFXI 150 320 MFXII 150 320 1500 3200
MFXI 150 460 MFXII 150 460 1500 4600
MFXI 150 600 MFXII 150 600 1500 6000
MFXI 200 600 MFXII 200 600 2000 6000

Download the MFX Flip Flop Screener Brochure