Vibrating Destoners Series SBL

The Rollier Destoner Separators Model SBL

The vibrating Destoners SBL series are used to separate the tramp material from other material.  It separates, using the difference of density, solid and heavy particles from light and flat particles.

The Rollier Destoner is particularly useful in separating:

  • Compost—Glass and Stones Removal
  • C&D Waste
  • Sawdust & Sand
  • Woods and Sand
  • Municipal Waste
  • Glass


  • Strong design
  • Easy adjustment by inclination of trays
  • Zero maintenance
  • Low power consumption
Rollier Destoners are vibrating machines that separate light and heavy particles of a similar size. They have many applications in the recycling and industrial sectors and are particularly useful for processing C&D waste.The Destoner comprises of adjustable gradient steps coated in smooth steel, integrated in a vibrating tray. The material is cascaded onto the steps, which separates the light and heavy materials.One common application of these machines is the separation of sand from wood in biomass facilities. For this purpose the lower deck is formed similar to a bottle holder, so that the wood, once placed on the machine, does not roll backwards. These machines are also used in recycling plants to separate plastic or paper from heavier materials.

Rollier Destoners are available in 5 sizes:

SBL 500  – Width 500 mm

SBL 800  – Width 800 mm

SBL 1000  – Width 1000 mm

SBL 1500  – Width 1500 mm

SBL 2000  – Width 2000 mm

Download the Rollier Destoner SBL Brochure