Separation Experts

Separation Experts are just that – Experts at separation by size, density, or liquid/solids separations. We have many different pieces of equipment at our disposal, and can recommend the proper equipment for your process.

As a representative and distributor for Rollier S.L., we cover all of the USA and Canada for sales of new machinery and spare parts for your Rollier machines.

Screeners – Horizontal and Inclined Screeners
Sizers – up to 6 decks – 7 separations!
Liquid/Solid Separation
Sand Washing
Densimetric Separation – Separation by density differences
Vibratory Conveying
Vibratory Splitting and Feeders
Flip Flop Screening
Grizzly Feeders

With our experience of 35 years, we can recommend the right separation equipment. Give us a call or email us.

+1 513.349.5457 | info@separationexperts.comĀ